'Freedom will always prevail'

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Your Excellencies, Honorable Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen,
Thank you for being with us to celebrate the 99th anniversary of the restoration of Lithuania’s Statehood. Coalition For Defense is honored to be co-host of this celebration, in this way being able to contribute in creating awareness among the Dutch population for this rather thinly populated, small, but highly brave country as one of the front-line states of NATO Territory in Europe.

Throughout its age long history, Lithuania has fought against its occupying neighbors, and against the Sovjets during the Sovjet Occupation even until 1954, waging a guerrilla/partisan war in the dark forests and swamps of Lithuania.
Lithuania regained its Freedom and Independence in 1990, 1 year before  the demise of the Sovjet Empire in 1991. We will all remember the live chain of 1 million civilian demonstrators, which reached from the frontiers of Poland up to the Northern frontiers of Estonia, crying out for Freedom and Independence from the Sovjet Occupation.
Lithuania’s population succeeded in bringing down the Sovjet Occupation by showing courage, determination and sheer will power.
Today, again, they have to face as a NATO Partner, the aggressiveness of the new Emperor of Russia, Mr Vladimir Putin. However, NATO Air policing patrols above Baltic Aero-space and Army Forces of NATO are  showing Mr Putin, Lithuania this time is not on its own any more.
Coalition For Defense hopes that through this strong attitude Lithuania sets an example to its Western European Allies how to face the current insecure and threatening situation in NATO Europe.
For regretfully until today, especially West European Leaders dare not to recognize nor face fully yet,  the dangers which Mr Putin poses upon at least NATO’ s East European Allies.
Si vis Pacem, para Bellum
Lithuania abides to this rule dating back to the Roman Empire, by having raised its Defense Budget to 2 % of its GDP next year,  which again will be raised to 2,5 % of its  GDP in the following years .
An other example of its firmness towards its NATO Allies, especially the Netherlands.
For regretfully Dutch Goverment and Parliament do not wish to face the threathening situation in Europe, as is publiced in their election programmes, inviting their voters to dance the last waltz on board the Tittanic, while enjoying the good life in their short lived happiness.
Together we are strong, let’s bring a toast to that, having in mind that Freedom always will prevail.
Thank you.

Ton Welter

Ton Welter
The Hague, February 13th, 2017

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  1. Dear mr. Welter,
    Also Poland is spending 2% of its GDP to their Defence, because they know all to well how it is to live under occupation! It seems the Dutch government and people take freedom for granted. And that’s a terrible mistake!
    Poland and Lithuania once formed a united Kingdom, which reached from the Oder-Neisse (Odra-Nysa) border to the Black Sea! It was also Poland who saved the Western European countries from the Ottomans (1683) and from the Bolsheviks (1921) They never got the appreciation for that! No, they were handed over to the Soviets, though they were the forth supplier of troops for the Allies! You can be sure they will do everything to keep their freedom!
    And now the Dutch government, who is acting the same way before World War 2. Talking, talking about Defence, but the Dutch Army is still waiting for more tanks, ships, aircraft and men/women. How some things never chance, unfortunately! It shows “great wisdom” that the Dutch government neglected the Army for such a long time! Hopefully it is not too late, first we have to wait for the elections! Another delay! I sometimes feel like Major Sas, who was the Dutch military advisor in Berlin, before the war started. He was warning all the time, the Dutch must prepare for a war, yet almost no one listened to him! It is frustrating the same thing happens now, yet there are more people who are warning the government! Do we have time enough left? I sure hope so.

  2. Dear Mr Lieberton,
    De speech hieroven was in het Engels omdat buitenlandse diplomaten aanwezig waren….
    Ik zucht heel diep, Nederlandse regeringen hebben door de eeuwen heen altijd al een broertje dood gehad aan een Krijgsmacht, tenzij het ingezet werd voor commerciële doeleinden, handel en eigen gewin : de Zee Oorlogen met Engeland ( admiraal de Ruyter, Tromp) tegen de Caribische zeerovers ( de zilvervloot van Piet Hein ) NL Indie 1945-1949: [‘ Indie verloren alles verloren, de code naam voor de 1e ‘ politionele actie ‘ was niet voor niets : ” Product ‘!
    Ik hoop alleen maar dat mede door onze niet aflatende ‘ Frappez toujours frappez ‘ het licht aan gaat in Den Haag en dat op zijn minst een beetje zelfrespect boven komt, want deze heersende mentaliteit is diep beschamend.

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